During the two days

• Trade Fair

• Demonstration of a remote delivery system with Drone (Droneamos cada hora)

• Horse and cart rides

• ” Find the Bear” play in The English House. Prize: giant teddy bear

• Gastro Bars

• Mini burgers of different flavors (Carnisseria Silvestra)

• Exhibition of breeds of birds

• Creche (The English House)

• Coloring Roll (Papereria Font)

• Children’s play area

• Exhibition LEGO (Centre Social)

• Gourmet point with traditional dishes of the area (Comissió de Festes C/ La Pau)

• Exhibition of needlework, Venetian lacemaking, embroidery and knitting

• Exhibition of basket weaving, patchwork and sewing

• Measurement of eye strain and free health audit of the ear canal (Óptica Signes)

• Free tension and electrocardiogram for IMED (Grimalt Climent Correduria Assegurances)

• Free bone densitometries to know the level of osteoporosis (Farmacia Tormos)

Saturday 6th October

11:00h. – 14:00h.  Zip-lining

12:00h. Batucada

12:00h. Tasting a d pairing of cocas and craft beer (Cerveseros Gateros i La Cosa Nostra)

13:00h. Ballet performance “El Gran Showman”

16:00h. Chapel tour (Town hall)

17:00h. – 19:00h. Zip-lining

17:00h.  Castanets workshop

17:00h. Free hugs

18:00h. Concert of the beginners String Orchestra (CODA)

18:00h. Children’s story time (THE ENGLISH HOUSE)

18:00h.  Talk about the craft beer brewing process (CERVESEROS GATEROS)

18:00h. Cheese cutting and tasting (CA CURRO)

18:00h. “Figatells” and sausages of different colors and flavors (CA POLACA)

18:00h. Fashion show and accessories with music Dj, photocall and raffles

19:00h. Castanets workshop (CODA)

20:00h. Concert and DJ’s Session

Sunday 7th October

9:00h. Walking route (TOURIST INFO GATA)

10:00h. 6th Chess tournament

11:00h.  Demonstration: how a defibrillator works

11:00h. Presentation of new beauty and wellness techniques

11:00h.  Factory tour (Town hall)

11:00h. – 14:00h. Zip-lining

11:30h. Parade of “Xirimiters” performance

12:00h. Free hugs

12:00h. Instrumental ensembles(CODA)

12:00h.  Sausages tasting(CA CURRO)

12:00h. “Figatells” and sausages of different colors and flavors (CA POLACA)

12:00h. Tasting and pairing of cocas and craft beer (Cerveseros Gateros i La Cosa Nostra)

13:00h. Children’s story time (THE ENGLISH HOUSE)

13:00h. Valencian dancing + “Rondalla” and Childre’ns dancing

16:00h.Workshop for repair and maintenance of percussion instruments(CODA)

17:00h.Battery workshop(CODA)

18:00h.  Children’s fashion show

18:30h. Rain stick workshop(CODA)

20:00h. Closing act: Concert by the Junior Band of Gata

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